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My Weekend at Node.js Bootcamp

At Accelerator YYC, in cosy Inglewood, 2 developers, Eric Kryski and Keith Larsen, were hosting a 6 hour bootcamp to introduce the curious to node.js.

In short, node.js is a platform for making web and mobile applications written completely in javascript. Its goal is to be fast, scalable, and all written in a single language. Its already being used by Microsoft, ebay, Yahoo, etc. so its not exactly some fringe idea that only the bleeding edge programmers are tinkering with.

In a computer filled room of 20+ curious coders, developers and programmers, Keith kicked off the bootcamp with a brief introduction to javascript, supplying demos to give the hands-on learners something to dabble with. We worked on unit testing, object creation, and lessons from Douglas Crockford, who calls javascript ‘The World’s Most Misunderstood Programming Language’. It was a lot to digest. A 45 min break was necessary to get everyone’s head back in order, to eat and to network.

After lunch, we were given a complete node.js application to repair. It was a simple To Do List application developed in the Model View Controller structure, but the real beauty was how the client and server side interactions were written completely in javascript.

It was a very quick and brief introduction, which is completely understandable considering the complexity of the platform. It was like trying to put the Star Wars film series into a 15 second trailer; impossible to do the franchise any justice.

There’s already plans of having this bootcamp occur at least once a month and I plan on attending several more. Our hosts did a good job presenting and their enthusiasm for the platform did well in concealing any first bootcamp jitters.

To learn more, visit http://www.meetup.com/Nodejs-Calgary

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